Billing & Insurance Information

The Billing Department at Merrimack Valley Cardiology understands just how complex and confusing insurance can be! Our courteous and knowledgeable staff welcomes your billing questions and concerns, requests for itemized invoices, account balance questions and will arrange payment plans.

If you have health insurance, Merrimack Valley Cardiology is committed to working with you, your physician and your insurance company to make sure that you have full access to services.  We participate with most major insurance carriers and will submit a claim to them as long as you have provided us with your most up-to-date insurance information.

In order to minimize any unnecessary charges, remember to check with your insurance carrier to verify that we are in network providers with your plan.  Please let us know of any changes involving your insurance as soon as possible.

Your insurance will pay for medically-necessary covered services as stated in your policy.  Different health plans may provide different levels of insurance coverage for the same health care service. Your health plan may require you to select a primary care physician (PCP) and may not cover any service that is not approved by that PCP.  Please consult your policy or check with your health plan to confirm whether the services you will receive are covered services and whether they require an authorization or referral from your PCP

If a referral to our office is required for your visit, it is your responsibility to obtain it.

If you do not have health insurance, you will be responsible for the cost of services provided to you and expected to pay $100.00 at your initial visit.

Patient Financial Policy


You will  be required to pay your insurance co-payment when you check in for your appointment.  You will receive a statement for any balances due after your insurance has made its payments.  If your insurance company does not send us payment within 90 days, payment for the outstanding bill will become your responsibility.  If you receive a statement that does not show the expected insurance processing, you should contact your insurance company to determine the reason for the delay.

Bills are mailed every four weeks and full payment is due upon receipt. 

Accepted Payment Methods
We accept Cash, Check , Debit Card or Credit Cards (Mastercard, VISA, Discover, AMEX) for payment by phone, mail, or in person. Payment plans are available and a billing representative can assist you to determine the best way to make payments.

Accounts with self pay balances over 90 days will be subject to collection activity and possible termination from the practice for non - payment.

Merrimack Valley Cardiology may be able to offer financial assistance to patients who are unable to pay their bills.  Please request a Hardship Determination Application to see if you qualify.

To Contact Us Directly

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact our Billing Department directly at (978) 788-7884.