Our Research

Merrimack Valley Cardiology participates in scientific research because these studies are important for advancing our medical knowledge and keeping us on the cutting edge of practice.  These projects are closely monitored by ethical review boards.

One example is our past participation in several studies to clarify what the best clot-dissolving drugs are to treat heart attacks.  Another study we participated in was on the use of warfarin after a heart attack.

Other previous studies have included:

The MASS COMM study, administered by Harvard and devised by the Department of Public Health, has clarified that the community hospital setting is safe for elective angioplasty procedures.

The TOPCAT study sponsored by the NHLBI,  clarified the use of the drug, spironolactone, for the treatment of heart failure in those patients who have strong heart muscles.

In the future we will be working with the Tufts Medical Center in a specific study using electronic communication to manage outpatient heart failure patients.